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Daniel Gallman, the administrator of the estate of the late Christiana E. Frey and the next friend of the three orphaned minor Frey children, asks that William Dunn, the administrator of Abram Frey, "come to an account of his administration on the Estate of his intestate." The petitioner informs the court that Abram Frey died in 1838 and that said Dunn sold Frey's personal estate, excepting "the negroes," whom he hired out and "now amount in number to twenty six." Reporting that Frey's widow died in 1850, Gallman asserts that "no partition of the negroes belonging to the estate of Abram Frey was made amongst his heirs at law during the life time of his widow nor has any been made since her death." The petitioner reveals that his intestate's estate has incurred a variety of debts and that "some provision should be made before the division of the negroes, by a sale of a sufficiency of them to pay the debts of his intestate." He therefore prays that Dunn be "directed and decreed" to pay the debts of his intestate and that any excess thereof be paid over to the legally appointed guardians "of your infant complainants in equal proportions. He also asks that "a sufficient number of the negroes which belonged to the estate of Abram Frey may be ordered and decreed to be sold" for the payment of Christiana's debts and "the residue equally divided between your infant complainants."

Result: Granted.

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