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Allen Shell and Sarah Hattan Shell seek to sell a group of slaves and to invest the proceeds for the maintenance of Amelia Hattan Harris. John Hattan died intestate in 1847, and Allen Shell was appointed administrator of the estate. He has executed his duties as administrator and "paid over to the Distributees their respective shares" of the estate. The petitioners claim that, before John's death in 1847, he gave Allen a certain slave named Hannah to be held "in trust for the use and proper support of Amelia Harris," daughter of John Hattan. Amelia "has for a Long time been a confirmed lunatic" and requires a great deal of money for her support. The Shells maintain that Amelia "has no other means of support except the labor of said slaves," which is insufficient for Amelia's support. In 1852 the petitioners and the heirs of Hattan executed a deed in which it was agreed "that said slaves be sold;" the proceeds of said sale were to be split between Amelia's maintenance and compensation for the petitioners. The Shells ask that the heirs of John Hattan be summoned and that an order be issued directing the sale of four slaves.

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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