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Robert T. Wynn seeks an injunction preventing the removal or sale of slaves. In 1835 William Duggins executed his last will and testament, in which "he bequeathed to his wife Harriet all his Estate" for life. Duggins died in 1836 with his last will and testament in force; Harriet married David Davis some time thereafter. The petitioner and Harriet qualified as executors for the estate of Duggins, which consisted of land, livestock, and ten slaves. Harriet and David Davis currently have control of the land, slaves, and livestock. In 1852 Cress and her child, slaves belonging to the estate, were sold to Joseph A. Black. The petitioner maintains that Black was given "an absolute and unlimited title to said negroes." Wynn also asserts that there has been an attempt to sell Charles, another slave. The petitioner stresses that the Davises "have but a life Estate in the Lands & negroes" and their control of the estate is "subject to be defeated under certain contingencies provided for" in the will of William Duggins. Therefore, the petitioner requests the court to issue an injunction preventing the sale or removal of slaves. Wynn also prays that Joseph Black be required to give bond and security for the forthcoming of Cress and her child upon the death of Harriet Davis.

Result: Granted.

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