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Drayton Nance, the administrator of the late Robert Nance "desires to divide and settle said estate according to the provisions of the will of the said Robert Nance and the interest of the parties therein." The petitioner reports that the testator's estate consists of 204 acres of land and 39 slaves. He confesses, however, that "he is unable to divide" said estate per the will's instructions due to "the great number of parties interested therein and from uncertainty as to the amount of their respective interests." The petitioner further purports that "the estate both real and personal is in a condition and of a kind which will render it unprofitable to the parties in interest while remaining in its present situation because the land is partially in an unimproved condition and the slaves are of such ages as render them unfit for the purposes of hiring." Surmising that a sale of said estate "would be greatly to the advantage of the parties interested in said estate," Nance prays "for leave to sell the estate both real and personal" and that the heirs and distributees be summoned and be made "parties to this suit."

Result: Granted.

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