Petition #21385855


Lana Hancock, the former guardian of John H. Gilliam, seeks a "full and final settlement of all accounts, dealings and pecuniary transactions, between your orator Hancock as guardian and individually, and the said John H. Gilliam." Hancock informs the court that he purchased several slaves and sundry livestock for his ward and that "said Gilliam never paid your Orator for said property directly or indirectly, except in the Crops sold by the said Hancock." He further recounts that he paid for food, "clothing & shoes, taxes, bagging and rope, iron and salt, the expense of ginning and sending the crops of cotton to market, and he also performed all the medical services for the family when they stood in need." The petitioners therefore pray "that the said John H. Gilliam may be ordered to pay over to your Orators ... such sums of money as shall be found due from him."

Result: Referred to arbitration.

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