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Harriet R. Walker Flemming requests the sale of two slaves and the appointment of a guardian ad litem for her children. Harriet’s father, William Walker, died leaving her “a negro girl named Letty,” who has subsequently had a child. With the recent death of her husband, the petitioner is concerned as to how she will provide for her two minor children. She submits that "Letty has a husband residing in Spartanburg Village and she is not willing to follow the complainant when she will reside among her relations in other sections of the Country … nor is she willing to separate the girl from her husband as they seem attached to each other & are anxious to remain together." Harriet surmises that “the girl cannot be worth as much to her & her children; as the proceeds of her Sale, would be.” Therefore, the petitioner prays that she be allowed to sell the slaves and invest the proceeds for the benefit of her children. She further requests the court to appoint a guardian ad litem for her children to protect their interests.

Result: Granted.

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