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Benjamin J. Boulware, trustee of thirteen-year-old John J. Neil, seeks to sell eighteen slaves in the minor's trust estate. Boulware represents that he has assumed the responsibility of raising his young nephew and of managing the slaves, whom the said John inherited from his late mother, Eliza A. Neil. Noting that his young ward has no lands on which to employ said slaves, the petitioner reports that he has had to hire out the slaves. He reveals that hiring out said slaves has become a burden because many are "breeding women with young children." Moreover, he considers it "inhuman to hire [them] out from year to year until the said [John] shall arrive at the age of twenty one years." Describing himself as "a man of feeble health, in the decline of life," Boulware believes he is "illsuited to attend to hiring out these negroes from year to year." He therefore is of the opinion that it is in the said John's best interest "to sell said slaves for the purpose of a change of investment." Benjamin Boulware asks the court to permit him to sell the slaves and to place the proceeds from the sale "in bonds well secured until a guardian should be appointed to take charge of the estate."

Result: Granted.

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