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Margaret Sheppard seeks to sell a female slave named Sarah and her two children. Sheppard represents that her husband Honorias conveyed a life interest in Sarah and her children to her in 1859; upon her death, Sarah and her children will be sold and the proceeds from the sale divided among Honorais's children. Margaret claims that maintaining Sarah and her children is a financial burden. She states that she is "poor and unable to support said Slave and that she will not probably be able to maintain herself unless Said Slaves are sold and the proceeds otherwise invested for her benefit." The petitioner seeks the court's permission to sell Sarah, Riley and Ellen, and to invest the proceeds of that sale into "Bank Stock," which will be held in trust and then distributed among her children upon her death. A report filed with the petition reveals that Margaret's son Levi Sheppard purchased Sarah and her children on 22 July 1862 for $1,000.

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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