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James H. Locke disputes several transactions arising from a sale of the trust property of Richard Bandy. He alleges that Bandy created the trust to "hinder and delay" in the collection of a bill of exchange for which Locke received a judgment at an earlier term of court. Locke reports that the sheriff returned the judgment as "no property to be found," a charge Locke gainsays as fraudulent. He maintains that Bandy and Enoch Rushing had "perhaps ten thousand dollars- the proceeds of a drove of negroes sold by them in the South with which they could have paid the debts in said deeds of trust." He asks the court to enjoin the multiple purchasers of eight trust slaves from paying "any monies or effects owing by them" and to require the sheriff to hold the slaves "subject to the further order of the court."

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Repository: Bedford County Courthouse, Shelbyville, Tennessee