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Adam Waterford, a free man of color, asks the court to enjoin a judgment won against him by Philip Ashby, also a free man of color, on an "old and stale claim which the said Ashby had no right to." Ashby's claim dates back to some "work and labour done by Juliet a woman of Colour in the year 1813." Juliet was "the daughter which Lisha Grant a woman of colour had before she commenced living with the said Ashby." Waterford and Ashby have had occasional business transactions over many years and Waterford asserts that Ashby actually owes him money for a bushel of flax, a steer, a handkerchief, some sheep, and "also for 6 or 7 years labour done and performed by Your Orators wife for said Ashby." Waterford also asks the court to direct an account between the two men. Depositions include testimony from free people of color, including Waterford's father, David Waterford, and Rachel Day, who appears to be the sister of Waterford's wife Betsy.

Result: Granted.

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