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JUNE 24, 1768. RAN away from the Subscriber in the Newbern, a yellowish Fellow named WILL; about 45 Years of Age, very stout and lusty, has a very sourly ill-looking Countenance; one of his Legs is less than the other, and crooked just above his Ancle [sic], have been broke: When he went away his right Arm was lame, by a Stroke he received on his Elbow; his Cloaths [sic] were Negro Cottens. He is a very sensible Fellow, and may attempt to get off in some Vessel, all Masters of Vessels are therefore warned of him. Whoever apprehends said Slave and brings him to me in Newbern, shall have 20 s. Reward. JAMES DAVIS.

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New Bern, NC
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3 people are documented within NC.CRA.93.17680624.4.1080
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James Davis Placing Ad
Will Slave
James Davis Slaveholder