One hundred pounds reward

One Hundred Pounds Reward. SUPPOSED to be stolen or inveigled, about July 1771, on the road leading from m [ illegible] river to my sea shore plantation on Waccamaw neck nearly opposity to George-Town, a sensible old negro man, named Hector, about six feet high, much pitted with the small-pox and speaks very good English; and his son Carlos, a very likely mustee boy about seven years old. There is reason to believe they were carried off by some stragling white men, who went, about that time, through THIS into the North province. A reward of 100 1. currency or 25 1. proc money will be paid on conviction of the offenders, and delivery of the slaves to John Ancrum Esq. in Wilmington Cape Fear, or to me. And whoever will inform where these negroes are so that they can be secured for their master, shall receive a reward of fifty pounds currency. Robert Heriot. George-Town S.-Carolina, Dec. 10.

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Date(s) of departure
Waccamaw Neck, SC
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Horry County
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4 people are documented within NC.NEW.12.17731229.1.1427
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Robert Heriot Placing Ad
Carlos Slave
Hector Slave
Robert Heriot Slaveholder