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RAN away from the Subscriber, living near Salisbury, North Carolina, Rowan county, the 16th of October, 1768, a negro fellow named JACK, African born, came from Pennsylvania about two years since; took with him a thick cloth coat, of a gray colour, a jacket and drawers of read [sic] and white striped cotton, two shirts, a new coarse hat, a good Indian blanket; he is given to steal, and has an ill look: He is about 30 years of age, and about 5 feet high, speaks bad English, and one of his little fingers crooked. Whoever apprehends the said negro, and secures him so that his master may him again, shall have FIVE POUNDS reward, and all reasonable charges, paid by Hugh Jenkins, John Mitchell, Hugh McCumry. Ocotber 27, 1769.

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Date(s) of departure
Salisbury, NC
County(s) of residence
Rowan County
Presumed destination(s)

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4 people are documented within NC.CRA.93.17691110.4.1466
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Hugh Jenkins Placing Ad
Hugh McGumry Placing Ad
John Mitchell Placing Ad
Jack Slave