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RAN away from the Subscribers, on Roanoke River, a Negro Fellow, named Thomas Boman, a very good Black-Smith, near six Feet high, has a little Blemish in one of his Eyes, good Sett[sic] of Teeth, well made sensible Fellow, and slow of Speech; he can read, write and cypher; carried away with him about fifty or sixty Pounds in Cash, and a grey Roan Horse, Bridle and Saddle, a Pair of Money-Scales and Weights, and one Pair of Sheets; three Coats, one a Broad-Cloth or Sarge, one a Bear-skin Cape-Coat, of a grey Colour, one a Home-spun Coat, a Blue Jacket, and a great many other Cloaths[sic]. Whoever will apprehend the said Fellow and secure him, so that the Owners may get him, shall be paid by the Subscribers 12 Pistoles, besides what the Law allows, and one fourth Part of the Money he has when taken. Robert West, sen[ior]. Robert West, jun[ior]. N.B. 'Tis supposed he is gone towards South-Carolina, as he was seen over Tar-River.

Locations of interest

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Date(s) of departure
Tar River,
County(s) of residence
Presumed destination(s)
South Carolina

Publication information

4 people are documented within NC.CRA.93.17520313.4.1477
Name Role in document
Robert West Placing Ad
Thomas Boman Slave
Robert West Junior Slaveholder
Robert West Senior Slaveholder