Five pounds reward

FIVE POUNDS REWARD, RAN away from the Subscriber, about the first of Februry, a Multatto or Mustee Slave, called Tony, about 24 Years of Age, with long stiff black Hair, and greatly the Looks and Colour of an Indian: He is about 5 feet 9 Inches high and strong limbed, and is used to work at the carpenter Trade: Had on when he went away, a homespun Jacket, and old Coat grit around him with a broad buff Belt, and a large Brass Buckle. Whoever brings the said Slave to the subscriber in Newbern, or procure him so as to be recovered, shall receive Five Pounds Reward, and all reasonable charges. William Powell.

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Date(s) of departure
New Bern, NC
County(s) of residence
Craven County
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3 people are documented within NC.CRA.109.17640706.8.1901
Name Role in document
William Powell Placing Ad
Tony Slave
William Powell Slaveholder