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CRAVEN COUNTY, ss. By JAMES DAVIS and THOMAS HASSLEN, Esquires, Two of the his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said County. WHEREAS Complaint hath been made t us by John Kennedy, that a Negro Fellow belonging to him, named ABRAHAM, between 20 & 21 Years old, a short well-made Fellow, has a Scar over one of his EYES; had on a Flannel Shirt, and a Pair of Osnabrugs Breeches, ran away from him about the 1st of June last, and is supposed to be lurking about, committing many acts of Felony. THESE are therefore, in his Majesty's Name, to command the said SLAVE forthwith to surrender himself, and return home to his said Master. And we do hereby also require the Sheriff of said county of Craven, to make dilligent Search and Pursuit after the above menionted Slave, and him having found, to apprehend and secure, so that he may be conveyed to his said Master, or otherwise discharged as the Law directs; and the said Sheriff is hereby impowered to raise and take with him such Power of his Country as he shall think fit, for apprehending the said Slave. And we do hereby, by Virture of an Act of Assembly of this Province concerning Servants and Slaves, intimate and declare, if the said Abraham doth not surrender himself, and return home, immdediately after the Publication of these Presents, that any Peson may kill and destroy the said Slave, by such Means as he or they may think fit, without Accusation or Impeachment of any Crime or Offence for so doing, or without incurring any Penalty or Forfeiture thereby. GIVEN under our Hands and Seals, this 27th Day of August, 1774, and in the 14th year of his Majety's Reign. JAMES DAVIS THOMAS HASLEN. N.B. Whoever brings the said Slave to me and alive, shall have 40 s. and 51. for his Head. JOHN KENNEDY.

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