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Thirty-three inhabitants of New Castle County petition for the gradual abolition of slavery. They state that "we ask not of your honourable body to put an end at once to slavery, but we desire, that a method may be fallen upon which shall make it gradually disappear." The petitioners also pray that a law be enacted “that no indented black servant within this state, shall by reason of his indentures be taken or carried out of this state, to any other state or place whatsoever, until the master of the said servant shall cause his said indentures to be recorded in the Recorder’s office of the county where he resides, and shall obtain the consent of such indented black servant” so as “to establish the right of such indented black servant, after the term of his service therein expressed is expired, to the full enjoyment of complete and perfect liberty and freedom.”

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Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware