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William Pearce, a resident of Kent County in Maryland, owns woodlands in Newcastle County, Delaware. He states that he is desirous for his slaves to cut firewood, timber, and rails in Delaware and transport the same into Maryland. Pearce informs the court, however, that "he is advised that by so doing his Slaves might be entitled to their Freedom by the existing Laws of your State." Seeking "to enjoy the benefit of the land he owns in the State of Delaware," the petitioner asks an "especial Act in his favour" to be passed, authorizing him "to employ his own Slaves and those of others in his employ ... in cutting and drawing firewood, timber, & rails" from his Delaware land into Maryland” and that said slaves "shall not be entitled to his, her or their freedom, in consequence of his, her, or their going into, returning from or remaining in the State of Delaware."

Result: Senate: read.

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