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The Sussex County sheriff seeks reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses of $124 incurred from the apprehension of Eli Harris and Alexander Clarkson, two free men of color, who had been jailed "on the charge of Felony" and who later "made their escape." Sheriff Robinson reports that the two men "were again imprisoned in the said Jail" and were "Indicted tried and convicted" whereby they "were each adjudged by the Court to pay the restitution money and Costs of prosecution." The petitioner further states that, pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, Harris and Clarkson "should be disposed of by the sheriff of the County as Servants for a certain term of years." Robinson relates that Eli Harris sold for $301 and Alexander Clarkson sold for $315.50 at “public sale.”

Result: House: read, referred to committee.

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Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware