Petition #10381903


Richard Lawrence moved to Baltimore, Maryland, from Delaware, but "Toby the property of your Petitioner acquired by marriage was left in the State of Delaware ... having been bound some time previous for a term of years to learn the art or Trade of a Forgeman." Lawrence relates that Toby "was married in the neighbourhood without the consent of your Petitioner" while his he was still bound to service. "Not wishing to seperate man and wife," Lawrence states that he permitted Toby to remain with his wife in Delaware. He explains, however, that Toby's wife has "been sold by her master and gone out of the State" and "the term for which he [Toby] was bound" has now expired. Lawrence therefore prays that he be authorized "to bring the said negro man Toby out of the State of Delaware into the State of Maryland."

Result: House: read, referred to committee.

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Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware