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Forty-six-year-old Andrew Noel recounts that William Hammon brought him to the United States in 1793 from "the Island of St. Domingo" as a slave. He further states that Hammon "manumitted and set at liberty your petitioner" in 1799. Noel, now married with children, represents that he purchased a house and lot in Wilmington for which he "has paid the consideration money." Acknowledging that he "has never been naturalized under the laws of the United States," Noel realizes that "the said property in the event of his death, will not descend to his children, but go to the use of the State of Delaware." The petitioner therefore prays that a law be passed "confirming the title to the said House and lot in him, and authorizing him to sell or devise the same as effectually as he could do, if he were a citizen of the United States, and had been so at the time of the purchase aforesaid."

Result: House: read, referred; senate: read.

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