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Ann Rothwell of New Castle County, Delaware, "did by her last Will and testament leave her Black people to be free the males when they arrived to the age of thirty years and the females when they should arrive to the age of twenty eight years." She bequeathed to her granddaughters one slave each: nine-year-old Rachel to Martha Eliza Pennington and five-year-old Susan to Phebe H. Pennington. Hyland Pennington of Maryland, father of Martha and Susan, purchased twenty-five-year-old Jeremiah, who was also part of the estate of Ann Rothwell. Being desirous to transport said slaves, the petitioner "prays your Honorable body to pass a Law authorising him to bring into the State of Maryland the aforesaid negroes for the use of his said daughters and himself."

Result: House: read, referred.

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