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Thirty-one Delaware citizens urge the legislature to enact a law providing for the gradual abolition of slavery in Delaware. The petitioners suggest that "the issue of all slaves born in this State after the Fourth day of July 1826, shall be free on attaining the age of twenty-one years, or such other period as shall be deemed more expedient and proper." They believe that "a law to this effect, it will not be doubted by any intelligent person, may be passed without any violation of the national compact or of our own constitution, or infringement of the rights of individuals, and without any danger to our interest, peace and harmony. What excuse then can be found for delaying to place Delaware in the list of free States?" Of the conviction that "a wrong has been inflicted upon Africa, for which it is our duty as Christians and Patriots to make every reparation in our power," the memorialists declare that adopting such measures "will afford you a subject of pleasing and consoling reflections, and give joy and gladness to the hearts of thousands."

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