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Thirty-one citizens, "mutch Disturbed by Rumors of intended insurrectionary movements among the Black portion of ouer population," ask that several measures be taken. In particular they target "meetings, held under the pretence of Religious Worship" and the "Black preachers that Come in to this State from other States," who are "Regular and Constant preachers of Sedition to ouer Slaves & free Blacks at there Night meetings," at which no whites are in attendance. They also "Believe that the publick Safety & peace Require that it Should Be Declared unlawful for Slaves or free Blacks to own or Carry fire arms or other military Weapons." The petitioners state "Wheather in the present Exited State of publick feeling this Should Be permited is Submited to the Wisdom of the Legislature."

Result: Senate: read, referred, leave to report bill.

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