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In behalf of "the inhabitants in the Upper part of Bladen County," Jacob Alford confides that "your petitioners are in Constant dread & Fear of Being Robbed and Murdered by A Set of Robbers and Horse Thiefs, which have been among us this week to the number of About Forty, who have Commited A Great deal of Mischief Already." He reveals that they, along with residents of Anson County, have "had their House Broke and All Their Cloathes Taken from Them ... Many had all Their Cattle taken Away from them & their Corn Robbd out of Their Cribs, by which many of Them are entirely undone & Ruined." Alford suggests that "the most part of the Robbers are Molattoes, and Chiefly Came from the South province when the Vagrant Act Came among Them." They therefore "lay our distresses and our unhappy Case before your Honourable Assembly" in hopes that “youl take our unfortunate situation unto you humain Consideration."

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