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Nicholas Long notes that he, "as agent for upwards of twenty officers of the late Continental line," purchased confiscated slaves by using certificates and signing a bond; the commissioner who sold the slaves was not willing to receive the full purchase price in certificates and "insisted that your memorialist should give his bond for one third of the price of said negroes." Long now admits that said bond "hath since been put in suit against him." He argues that he "has now on hand and constantly hath had certificates of the aforesaid officers to the full amount of the demand against him, and concieves that they ought to be received in discharge of the said bond, and that the suit thereon should be ordered to be dismissed." Long "humbly submits whether the mistakes or inattention of the commissioner ought to work so great an injury to him and to those officers for whom he acted as special agent."

Result: Senate: read, referred to next assembly.

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