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The sons of the late Thomas Nicholson ask that twenty-five-year-old Thamar, a slave in their father's estate, be emancipated. They aver that the elder Thomas had "Wished to Establish" her freedom but "there was then, & yet remains to be an act of the General Assembly prohibiting the emancipation of Slaves, except as therein excepted." Praying that Thamar be granted her freedom, the petitioners "have the greater confidence in by Saying that as a house maid to her former master's Family, and ever Since She hath been honest from pilfering & Stealing & hath ever manifested a peaceable and orderly Conduct and Generally Respected in her Station in the Neighbourhood where She dwells."

Result: House, senate: read, referred.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina