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The "Standing Committee of the People of Quakers from the Eastern Quarter" react to the "Petition from a number of the Inhabitants of Pasquotank County, and a Presentiment from the Grand Jury of Edenton District" that purports "that we as People, by Emancipating our Negroes, have Rendered that Species of Property of Small Value, the Lives of the Citizens unsafe, that Risings of the Negroes have been frequently threatened." The petitioners counter that said assertions appear "Groundless, both by the Sale and hire of Slaves being higher than they were twenty years ago" and that the threatened "Risings of the Negroes" resulting in "the Lives of the Citizens thereby becoming Unsafe, we have no Reason to believe." Citing the Declaration of Independence, they therefore pray that "any person who from a Conscientious Scruple may be Induced to Emancipate their Slaves, that they enjoy their Liberty, and be protected by the Laws of the Land."

Result: House, senate: read, referred.

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