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“The Remonstrance & Petition of the People called Quakers” seeks “once more to remind this House of a subject so interesting and which to them appears Loudly to call the attention, and require the interposition of the Legislature, as the professed Guardian of every description of Men within the State.” The Quakers “Lament that any State within the american Union where those unalienable rights of Human nature to life Liberty and the persuite of happiness have been so clearly defined and happily enjoyed should be so far Insensible from whence all blessings flow, as to suffer a repetition of those Cruelties which were exercised towards that unhappy people in their removal from their own Country and every connexion and enjoyment in life esteemed the most Valuable, and again reduce them to a state of Abject slavery at a time too when the benign spirit of Liberty is diffusing itself in various parts of the world.” The petitioners therefore “earnestly intreat and request that every Law in this State now in Existance which deprives the free Citizens of the Liberty of Emancipating their slaves may be repealed and never again disgrace the annals of a Christian people.”

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