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Capt. James Deane "took the Oath of Allegiance and Abjuration" in 1786 and then returned to the Bahama Islands "with an intention of settling his affairs there and removing his Family and property from thence to this State." He admits, however, that "a number of intervening accidents" delayed his arrival and the resettlement of his property in North Carolina. Deane reports that part of said property consists "of Negroe Slaves over the Age of Fifteen Years" and that he is "advised that he cannot bring them in without subjecting himself to very heavy and severe penalties." The petitioner represents that he feels a "great reluctance in parting from them could he even do it to advantage but the great difference between the value of that kind of property in the Bahamas and this Country would render the sale of them there a Sacrifice of Interest." Avowing that said slaves "are solely intended for their Use Service Benefit and Behoof," Deane prays that he may be authorized and empowered "to bring into this State from the said Bahama Islands the Negroe Slaves aforesaid."

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