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Maj. William Odom joins six other petitioners in stating that they were recently "try'd for a Riot, prosecuted by a Mullattoe by the name of Elisha Cumboe." He explains that the said Elisha is a part of "a family of these Mullattoes who are well known to be of Infamous Characters" and that they "are envious malicious & dangerous persons, having a Villanous Clan about them." Williams reports that said "riot" originated when William Townsend "prosecuted & Convicted a Brother of said Elisha Cumboe for Larceny" and the said Elisha, "out of revenge," went to Townsend's plantation and "shot & kill'd a valuable Horse of his." They admit that "for this Offence your petitioners proceeded to apprehend said Cumboe, perhaps without the Legal process of Law;" Cumboe brought suit and Maj. Odom was fined fifteen pounds and the other petitioners incurred a ten-pound fine. Asserting that "the whole of the conduct of your petitioners was Instigated by an ardent wish to procure order & good Neighborhood," the petitioners pray that they be released from the payment of said fines.

Result: Rejected.

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