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George Howard declares that he was indicted in 1802 "for acting agreeable to orders given him by John Williams Lt. Col." to search "in the time of the Insurrection of the Negroes"; for his actions, Howard incurred steep fines. Admitting that the said indictment and suit "has ruined and broke him up," Howard puts forth "that the Legislator of this State never contemplated that any Individual should suffer for doing his duty as all true Subjects ought to do." The petitioner therefore prays that his case be taken into consideration, that his fine be remitted, and that the "monies he has unjustly been compelled to pay" be returned to him. Lt. Col. Williams's order to Howard stated: "You are hereby commanded to take proper assistance with you and pattroll the Narrows Shore district and search all negro houses and all persons that you Suspect and take all kind of arms ammunition and Every other utensil that you think necessary for the Purpose of Such Depreditions also to take the negroes that such Property should be found on."

Result: Postponed.

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