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Barbara Wilkinson, the widow of Robert Dickinson, laments that her present husband, Dr. John Wilkinson, abandoned her and "left her destitute of almost every means of support, without Provisions, Scarcely a Bed to lie on, or cloaths to wear." Barbara recounts that she was, at the death of Dickinson, left in "Comfortable and oppulent Circumstances." She regrets, however, that she heeded the advice of her friends and married the said Wilkinson, who was "much Esteemed by those who were acquainted with him." Barbara confesses that "her felicity was of short duration" and that she discovered "she was not the object of his affection" and "found herself in many Respect treated more like his Servant than his wife." The petitioner therefore prays that the legislature "will devise and adapt such Means ... best Calculated to Secure her in future from being again Stripped of her all by the said John Wilkinson."

Result: Granted and bill recommended.

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