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Fifty-two "coloured persons citizens of this State" would "beg leave to state that some of them whose names are assigned to this petition bore an honorable part in the seven years war which established the Liberties of their Common Country." They further represent that "during that eventful period they were taught to believe that all men are by nature free & equal, and that the enjoyance of life, liberty and property ought to be secured alike to every citizen without exception & without distinction." They therefore are dismayed by "the passage of a Law at the last Session of the Legislature by which their lives & liberties are virtually placed at the mercy of Slaves." The petitioners contend that their rights, as free people of color, are "held by so slight a tenure as the favour of slaves and the will & caprice of their vindictive masters" and that slaves "are bound to a blind obedience, and Know no law, but the will of their masters." They therefore humbly pray "that the Act of the last Session of the Legislature making slaves competent witnesses against them in criminal case may be repealed."

Result: Senate: read, referred to judiciary committee.

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