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Janet Corn laments that her son Henry "was cruelly, barbarously and inhumanely murdered in the western part of Wake County" and that she has been informed that the murder was committed "by a certain negro man slave named prince the property of a certain George Herndon." Corn charges that delays in the "papers and proceedings of the said Inquest on the said murder" openly violate the law and aid in "the perversion and prevention of Justice." She argues, in fact, that the said Herndon has had ample time “to run the said slave prince out of the state; and to take measures to circumvent or prevent any proceedings being had against himself for any share or participation in the guilt of the said Prince.” She further notes that she is a poor widow "while those she has to contend with in seeking for Justice being done on the murderer, and all implicated, are rich and powerful." Believing "her chance of having Justice done except through the interposition of the legislature is slender indeed," the petitioner prays that the justices of the peace be "impeached or removed for malfeasance."

Result: Rejected.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina