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Terence Pelletier, James Noe, and George Piner seek compensation for their service in the militia. They report that Colonel John H. Hill of Carteret County ordered them to help "suppress the depredations, which a number of negroes who had collected themselves together under arms, were going about the country committing." They assert that the act "which compelled them to serve, declared that they should be paid." The petitioners therefore pray that they be granted compensation. The report of the Committee of Claims supports the order of calling out the militia as it was necessary “to apprehend & suppress a number of Runaway negroes who were collected together in said County under arms and were committing many depredations on the property of good people ... and by their increasing numbers and threatening attitude much more mischief was apprehended and great alarm spread among the Citizens.”

Result: Referred to committee; favorable recommendation.

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