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Joseph and Anne Wynn state that their daughter Mary "was murdered by a number of negro slaves” on the day after Christmas in 1822. They further reveal that among said slaves were "Charles and Vina the property of your memorialist Joseph and Jack the property of your memorialist Anne." The petitioners report that said slaves were tried, convicted, and executed for said crime and that they "have cheerfully borne the loss of property incurred by the execution of said slaves to satisfy the demands of public Justice." The Wynns express, however, that paying the expenses incurred from jailing said slaves for nine months and the costs resulting from their prosecution, conviction and execution "will greatly distress them, and as in truth they are not able to pay them without making great sacrifice of the little property that now possess." They therefore humbly pray that they be provided $350 "for the payment of the costs aforesaid."

Result: Senate: read, passed, ordered engrossed.

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