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Eighty-three residents of Lincoln County feel aggrieved "that any person should be compelled to Ride or Serve as Patroler to guard Slaves who does not own any, nor wish to have any thing to do as respects the government or Discipline of the Negroes." They therefore pray that "no person Who does not own a slave or slaves shall be compelled to serve as Patroler against his own will at least within our county." The legislative committee to which the petition was referred responded "that the relief prayed for should be granted; not because ... the law is oppressive ... on persons who are not owners of slaves but because they are well satisfied that the owners of slaves being interested in that species of property will in general in the discharge of patrol duties, mete out the measure of the law with due discretion and humanity; and that they are consequently the only proper persons to discharge those duties."

Result: House: committee recommends passage.

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