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Joab Harman, the owner of thirty-four-year-old Abram and thirty-three-year-old Elick, states that he "is very desirous to have the said Slaves emancipated with the priviledge of remaining in the State." Harman recounts that he inherited said slaves from John Fruit, his father-in-law, who "did on his death bed request & desire that the Said Slaves should be emancipated." He further discloses that "he has raised the Said Slaves and brought them up to habits of industry & Sobriety & has taught them the art & trade of blacksmiths." Revealing that "he has no children to give them to," the petitioner "believes that neither his wife or himself could die in peace, knowing that the Sd Slaves would pass into the hands of Strangers." Harman therefore prays that an act be passed "emancipating the Said Slaves Abram & Elick."

Result: Rejected.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina