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The Raleigh Baptist Association seeks to halt the peddling of liquor at sales, musters, "tax gatherings," and elections. The petitioners assert that the legislation requiring a license for the sale of liquor is inadequate. They believe that "the evil cannot be reached by the usual methods of abating nuisances and grievances, for the visits of these offenders to any particular neighborhood are generally transient, consequently no person feels himself sufficiently aggrieved or called upon to present them to the Grand Jury, and in this way these itinerant venders of circulating poison, which they introduce into all the veins and arteries of society, stopping at every crossroad and every gathering, stopping man, boy and slave, selling them in every quantity from gallons to drams, enjoy an impunity from punishment which is inflicted upon licensed Retailers for violations of their license." The petitioners therefore pray that the legislature will take "the foregoing into consideration."

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