Petition #11286203


C. A. Featherston represents that "a free negro boy named Wyat about 35 years of age tired out of being buffetted about from place to place with no settled home has made application to me to become my slave." Featherston reports that Wyat "had taken up with my negro girl and lived with me several years in South Carolina" and that, "not knowing it was contrary to law," he brought Wyat to North Carolina; when he realized he "had violated the law in bringing him hither," the petitioner "sent him back to South Carolina." Attesting that Wyat prefers "a life of Slavery with the master of his choice & with the woman he had taken up with & his children to the life of a free negro," Featherston prays "your Honorable Body to take the matter into consideration & allow me to own the said negro and make me a bona fide Deed for the same."

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina