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Six representatives of the Colored Baptist Church of Raleigh, with its "membership of 300," seek permission to use state property to erect a church for freed people. They report that "for many years, we have been, as we are now, accustomed to worship in the basement of the Baptist Church, when not occupied by the white members, and we have long felt the necessity of a seperate house of Worship but the exceeding liberality and kindness of the white bretheren, in connection with our poverty, has induced us to adapt ourselves to the situation without complaint." However, "under the new order of Events, by which we have been freed from Slavery We feel satisfied that our religious enjoyment, and usefulness as a Church of Christ, would be greatly promoted, by having a separate organisation and distinct house of Worship."

Result: Committee report unfavorable.

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Repository: North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina