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Elizabeth Clitherall asks that her husband be permitted to return to South Carolina. She explains that, "after the Surrender of Charleston to the British," her husband, Dr. John Clitherall, accepted "a Commission in the militia of Berkely County" in order "that it might enable him to grant Indulgences to his Neighbours"; however, he "immediately resigned the Commission without having done any duty whatever." She reports that he later accepted "the Office of Commissioner of Claims and whilst he held it acquitted himself with great Justice & Integrity" and "was very forward in promoting the Restitution of the Property of many now here." The petitioner asserts that "Since his Unfortunate Exile" he has earnestly endeavored "to render every service in his power to the Citizens of this State by effecting the Restitution of their negroes in East Florida." She therefore prays that "your Honble House will permit the Return of her Husband to his Country and a numerous Family."

Result: Referred to committee.

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