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Daniel O'Hara and John Connolly, the "Owners of the Brigantine Kate," represent that, "in prospect of the prohibition against the importation of Negroes ceasing on" 1 January 1793, they "fitted out" their vessel "at a very considerable Expence" and loaded it "with the produce & Manufactures of this State" that "is already on board, and Shipments agreed for with other persons." They further assert that they "will be much injured & sustain a considerable Loss, (particularly your Petitioner Danl. OHara, who has twenty six Negroes, already purchased, in Africa) if the said Vessel is prevented from compleating her intended Voyage by a further Prohibition of the Importation of Negroes." The petitioners pray "that if any Bill should pass for further prohibiting the Importation of Negroes into this State, an Exception may be especially made as to the Said Brigatine Kate, & that she may be permitted to compleat her Cargo & return to the Port of Charleston with a Cargo of Slaves."

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