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Dr. James Clitherall seeks relief from three long overdue accounts. In 1782, the state sold Clitherall's slaves for specie at "very inferior" prices. The specie was paid to the state before the delivery of the slaves. The account was audited, delivered to the Board of Commissioners on Accounts, sent to the auditor, and reported to the treasury. Yet, the "same hath in no wise been satisfied, nor hath your Memorialist been allowed to discount it, as so much of the Specie part of his Amercicement." The second overdue account, arising from the sale of slaves by the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates in 1783, brought Clitherall bonds payable in specie on a credit of three and six months. The bonds remain in the treasury unpaid. Moreover, the bond signed by John Cox and another man, Clitherall states, is "totally bad." Despite these just claims, Clitherall is "obliged to pay part of his amercement in Specie, and the remainder in general and Special Indents to the Attorney General, without being allowed any discount whatever." The third account derives from articles confiscated at Clitherall's plantation in 1782 by the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates. Clitherall asks for payment in specie, including interest, for the first account; a general indent, with interest, for the second account; and "other relief" for the third account.

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