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Susanna St. John of St. James Parish seeks compensation for the slave Titus. She recounts that her husband, Dr. Stephen St. John, purchased Titus in 1785, “for which he gave his Bond for ₤67 ... with Interest.” Susanna laments, however, that Stephen was "killed by runaway Negroes in April last" and that the said Titus "has since, been convicted of being accessory to his Death, and executed agreeable to Sentence passed the 1st of May." St. John further reveals that Titus was valued at "the Sum of Seventy Pounds" and that a certificate has been delivered to the State Treasurer directing that said sum be paid. The petitioner therefore prays "the valuation of the said Negro may be received by the Treasurer as a payment of the Bond and Interest."

Result: Referred to committee.

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