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Alexander Chavis asserts that "a valuable negroe wench the Property of your Petitioner, was said to be taken by Orders of Genl Pickens for public Use, and given in payment to Capt. John Norwood as a Reward for having Killed a certain John Masterson a notorious & mischievous Enemy of the Country." Chavis reports, however, that Pickens informed him that he had never issued such an order, whereupon Chavis sued the man who had possession of said slave but he lost said suit. Being too late to make a restitution claim to the claims commission, Chavis submits his case for restitution for "said Wench and her issue" as well as the "heavy Expences incurred in prosecuting the Suit" and "solicits such Relief in the Premises as may be deemed proper & just."

Result: Referred to committee.

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