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Ninety-eight inhabitants of Charleston express concern about the "dangerous designs and machinations of certain french West India negroes." They propose several modifications to the laws prohibiting the importation of slaves and to the system of patrols. They are in favor of "the Captains or Mates of all Vessels coming from the West Indies, to report on Oath to some proper officer to be appointed, whether any negroes or other people of color, are imported in said Vessels, and also to make the said Vessels liable to be searched." In addition, they "recommend that all free french negroes and all free french people of Color who have come into this State since 1st January 1790 be required to depart therefrom within a limited time never to return." The petitioners also believe that "the establishing and stationing in the City a permanent and well regulated Guard consisting of fifty Infantry and twenty four Horsemen would be of great public utility."

Result: Referred to committee.

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