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Seven members of "the Charleston Baptist Association" seek the revision of a recent law passed "for the better Governing of Negroes and other Persons of Colour." The petitioners argue that the law infringes on "the Religious Rights and Privileges of Churches and Citizens of this State ... by laying on them Restrictions, respecting the Time and Manner of giving religious Instruction to the Persons whose Situation is contemplated in the Act." They purport that "there is great Reason to fear, that by the aforesaid severe Restrictions, imposed in this Act, it will have a strong indirect Tendency to produce the Evil it was designed to prevent; by making that Class, of the religious Negroes, who value religious Privileges, feel unhappy, and consider themselves oppressed;” in addition, it may expose them β€œto the Danger of Seduction, from the Acts of those who plan Schemes of Mischief.” The petitioners wish to do nothing that might "destroy the Foundations of Peace and social Order," but they ask that the law be revised "to leave their religious liberties unimpaired."

Result: Referred to committee on religion.

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