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William B. Villard recounts that he was "returning from his Field in the Swamp of Savannah River" on May 8th when he "met a Strange negro Man, who on being spoken to attempted to make off and your Petitioner pursued to apprehend him as a Runaway." Villard avers that he received "a severe contusion on his forehead and several of his Ribs" were broken by the hatchet-wielding man; with help, "this atrocious out Law, who had been infesting the neighbouring Country for a length of time" was bound and "delivered to Justice." He further states that his large family has been deprived at length of "his labours and exertion, which are necessary for their support" and that he "has not Recovered his Health ... from the severe Injury he sustained in the apprehension of this desperate out Law, who through his means was brought to Justice." Believing that he "is entitled to some Reward and Remuneration from the Legislature" for the capture of Sampson, Villard seeks relief.

Result: Report stipulated $300.

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